GO Freddo! Summer taste of espresso!

Feel cool

This summer, FEEL COOL with the Shell V-Power sunshade at a great promo price!

Enjoy in carefree summer and feel cool in the car thanks to the Shell V-Power practical and functional sunshade that you can only find at Shell stations.

Refuel a minimum of 20L of our best fuel - Shell V-Power and grab a sunshade for only 25 kn / 3,32 €. With refuelling of at least 20L of other Shell fuel, you can buy the shade for only 40 kn / 5,31€.*

Easy to use and with convenient packaging at your fingertips, the Shell V-Power sunshade is an indispensable piece of equipment for every tin pet enabling strong sun protection. Try Shell V-Power sunshade, enjoy in carefree summer and feel cool knowing your car is protected from the sun.



*Special offer does not apply to blue diesel. The regular price of the sunshade is 70 kn / 9,29 €. With a minimum of 30 liters of Shell fuel, the customer can buy only one sunshade at a reduced price. The special offer lasts from June 11, 2022. to September 15, 2022. or until stocks last.

The conversion rate is 7.53450 HRK for 1 EUR