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Community Contribution

The Motor Oil Group, one of the leading energy groups in Greece and parent company of Coral Croatia is strongly committed to operating in a responsible manner and creating shared value for all our stakeholders, has established a Community Contribution policy and makes voluntary contributions to support local communities, initiatives and institutions.

Contribution requests can be considered donations, sponsorships or community programs. The completion of the form is necessary for the evaluation of any application.


The request must be submitted at least 45 days before the scheduled start of the project for which the contribution is requested


Social contribution fields of Motor Oil Group

Motor Oil Group supports CC initiatives that are targeted and considered beneficial to the local communities and the society in the following four (4) areas:


  • Arts & Culture
    Cultural dialogue and heritage, young artists support, promotion of cultural institutions
  • Education & Innovation
    Youth inclusion, quality education, road safety and plastic free culture promotion, educational workshops, scholarships 
  • Land & Sea
    Clean coastal and ocean, reforestation, environmental research, climate change mitigation
  • Local communities & Society
    Well-being and mental health, diversity promotion, community development, tackling poverty and food insecurity


Community contribution form