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Safety rules at Shell retail stations

Your Safety is Paramount

Health and safety standards at Shell-branded retail stations are particularly high. Nevertheless, you should always guard against potential hazards. Please read the basic rules and safety procedures for a safe and carefree visit every time, at Shell-branded retail stations.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be very dangerous when used at retail stations. By law, they must be at least 5 metres away from fuel pumps and tanks.
Dropping a mobile phone, or turning it on or off, can cause sparks, which, in turn, are a potential ignition source for any petrol vapours from refuelling.
Don't be distracted from filling your vehicle by using a cell phone when you are at the retail station. You may end up falling or getting hit by a passing vehicle. Don't be distracted by using a cell phone when driving.

Car engines

For your safety, don't leave your engine running before or during refuelling.


Always dismount from your motorbike before refuelling to avoid inhaling petrol vapours or coming into contact with the fuel in the case of spillage. Fuel spilled onto the hot engine immediately vaporizes and if spilled onto the hot exhaust could cause a fire, injuring you and others around you. Remove your helmet before entering the shop so that the retail station staff feel more comfortable when serving you.

Caravans and food trucks

For your safety, switch off hotplates and other electrical appliances in caravans, food trucks and refrigerator vehicles when entering the retail station. After leaving the retail station, properly ventilate your vehicle so that any remaining petrol vapours can dissipate before turning on electrical appliances again.

Safe driving in the retail station

Observe the basic safety rules when driving on the retail station forecourt. This is a busy area with considerable traffic from passing vehicles. Reduce speed when entering the retail station. Use the entries and exits properly to avoid hassle and exposure to risk. Drive away from the retail station slowly and pay particular attention to passing vehicles and pedestrians.


The considerable movement of vehicles on the forecourt can make it a dangerous place. Keep children under constant supervision. Before getting out of the vehicle, turn off the engine, remove the keys, and secure the vehicle with the handbrake and gears.


For your safety, driver and passengers must extinguish any cigarettes before entering the retail station.

Safety checklist

Before entering the retail station:

  • Extinguish your cigarettes
  • Turn off your headlights (and extinguish all naked flames)
  • Reduce speed when entering and exiting the retail station


While on the forecourt:

    • Turn off your engine
    • Turn off your mobile phone
    • Open the fuel cap carefully
    • Dismount from your motorbike when refuelling
    • Use only approved containers when filling with fuel                               
    • Do not fill containers in the vehicle's boot, in the trailer, or in the passenger compartment